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Spider Glazing

Spider Glazing is a part of the frame-less glass system, they provide a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views made to your bespoke glass requirement.

Spider Glazing curtain walls provide maximum daylight for building interiors, as well as the possibility of placing large transparent glass surface as building envelopes.

Spider Glazing Curtain walls Canopies Atriums Shop Fronts
Glass canopies boxes Interglaze Glass Solutions Ltd

Bespoke Glazing Canopies and Boxes

A simplistic square can create an impressive innovation to your house bringing light as well as character.

While a typical extension to the home is walls and a solid roof, why not uplift the appearance of the home and create a more exciting glass structure using glass for canopy features.


Interglaze offer a variety of indoor features one of which being mirrors.

Mirrors Interglaze Glass Solutions Ltd
Partitions Wall Partitioning Room Dividers Partition Walling


Another feature used to break up areas is the use of a partition. Room dividers are a common feature in both modern contemporary design and traditional design.

We have an exclusive partnership with Nelso Partitions which is one of the longest established partition walling companies.

Bespoke Glass Floors

Transparent flooring is becoming more and more popular in
bringing a house or commercial building to life in ways you didn’t
think you could.

It opens the building up to vast amounts of natural light along with extra vision.

Glass Floors Transparent glass for flooring glass flooring flooring

Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrade systems offer the result of uninterrupted views.

This versatile system allows contemporary glass balustrading to become an uplifted and innovated design.

Both domestic and commercial venues offering alternatives for balconies, internal staircases garden decking/balustrades, internal balustrades.

Shower Screens

We offer a variety of glass shower screens generating a styler entrance to your bath or shower.

Shower Screens Interglaze Glass Solutions Ltd
Glass Splashbacks Splashbacks in kitchens splashback glass

Glass Splashbacks

As a feature, glass splashbacks speak for themselves. Why not change an “ordinary” aspect of the kitchen and turn it into something special.

Bespoke Glazing Windows

Our bespoke glass windows have no limits.

The use of stained glass windows to bring your property to life is very popular in the design world showing modern and contemporary visions.

Bespoke Glass Windows Interglaze Glass Solutions

Fire Rated Glazing

Interglaze Glass Solutions delivers premier fire-rated glazing solutions in the UK, offering a bespoke range tailored to meet rigorous fire safety standards for various environments.

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Glass contains 60 parts sand which equates to around 24% with the addition of 180 parts potassium carbonate (74%) and 5 parts lime or chalk (2%).

All glass which is coloured is produced by adding a coating within the internal layer of the glass or a transparent print can also be completed.

Glass can be as reflective as you require and this can be complete by coating, imprinting, or vaporizing with products such as silver, gold, or copper.

Each warranty is customized to the specific projects based on the products utilised for the intended application.

Samples are available upon request. Order them on

We have over 100 stock samples which can be shipped out to you upon request.

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