A Passion for Detail
High-quality and durable
stainless steel elements that
deliver function and exquisite design

Who Are MWE? 

At Interglaze Glass Solutions, the MWE product line represents the epitome of exquisite design and superior manufacturing quality, promising to be a timeless source of visual pleasure.

While we leverage cutting-edge machinery for the groundwork, it’s the finesse and expertise of our highly skilled artisans that truly bring the stainless steel to life. Their craftsmanship elevates the material beyond its functional purpose, transforming it into an architectural masterpiece.

Each piece is a testament to our commitment to aesthetic excellence, ensuring that our products not only serve a purpose but also enhance the beauty of your space.

MWE Pivot Door Systems

Sliding Doors

Stainless steel sliding door systems that unite design with quality. Ideal for offices, commercial buildings and your home.

Pivot Doors

Transform your space with a beautifully designed pivot door. There's options to fit all spaces.

Glass Partitions

Subdivide large spaces with MWE's partition system which is unique in looking stunning from both sides.

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