glass floors

Transparent floors are now part of the future creating light and vision throughout the room, designed with structural calculations specific to the project with fixing support details achieving the maximum glazed panel possible. They are also thermally broken creating an acoustic and thermal performance between floor levels.

Transparent flooring is becoming more and more popular in bringing a house or commercial building to life in ways you didn’t think you could. It opens the building up to vast amounts of natural light along with extra vision. This feature is not always used in conventional glass flooring scenarios, it can also be used for roofs, outdoor flooring and even to bring another aspect of your property to life such as a wine cellar.

At Interglaze, we ensure all glass for flooring is designed with structural calculations to ensure this specific feature is maximised to its best potential along with thermal breaks creating the perfect acoustic and thermal performance between floor levels in the property.

Glass Floors Transparent glass for flooring glass flooring flooring

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