Fire Rated Glazing

Fire safety is paramount in any building structure, and at Interglaze Glass Solutions, we champion this cause by providing premier fire-rated glazing solutions across the UK. Our bespoke range spans from tailored glass partitions to unique one-off pieces such as glazed fire doors, all designed to seamlessly blend with your space while meeting stringent fire safety standards.

Our fire-rated glass partition systems and fire screens are engineered to withstand the most demanding environments, ensuring they remain a steadfast barrier in the face of adversity. Our seasoned in-house team, laden with extensive fire safety expertise, is available to guide you through the journey of choosing the right system tailored to your environment’s needs.

We deliver fire-rated protection of up to 60/60 minutes, ensuring a robust defence should a fire occur. Moreover, our offerings encompass both fire integrity and fire insulation glazing starting from a minimum of 30/30 minutes, which guarantees 30 minutes of integrity alongside 30 minutes of insulation.

At Interglaze Glass Solutions, our mission transcends mere compliance; we aim to design, install, and impart unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensuring both your environment and its occupants receive optimal protection in adherence to the UK’s building regulations. Our commitment to excellence reflects in our endeavour to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality in all our solutions.

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