Frameless glass balustrade systems offer the result of uninterrupted views.

This versatile system allows contemporary glass balustrading to become an uplifted and innovated design in both domestic and commercial venues offering alternatives for balconies, internal staircases, garden decking, internal and external.

Creating a superior alternative as well as achieving a safety barrier within the glass for balustrade loading to the desired standard of 1.5KN or 3KN dependent on the area utilised within.

The below methods can also be utilised to allow the outside environment to be within your creational space creating a versatile space to coincide with the minimal maintenance and a design calculated structure to suit your project.
1. Post, Rail & Glass
2. Frameless Glass
3. Post & Rail

Balustrade Architectural Glass

There is a vast way of completing a stylish balustrade to create an exclusive look. These methods are:

1. Clamps
Glass clamps create a solution for windbreaks, railings, displays and protective screens and can accommodate glass thickness from 6mm to 21.5mm. They come in satin, stainless steel or chrome.

2. Standoffs with optional over clad Stand-offs allowing the glass to become fixed to the external face of the stringers up to a height of 1100 to ensure this design meets building regulations.

3. Chanel
With the most minimal fixing detail for a balustrade create a toughened structural glass balustrade channel fixed and specially designed. This design ensures a secure fixing method, building regulations approved and creating 3kN maximum line load.

4. Post & Rail
The structural toughened laminated glass creates a flawless effect through the build of the project. They can be utilised as external safety barrier loaded balconies, garden, or patio areas, Juliette balconies or glass staircases.

Nothing makes a statement like glass. It’s the juxtaposition with a contrasting framework, walls, floors and ceilings. The intelligent introduction of glazed facades, walls and balustrades allows interior designers to play with light and space. 

We work with architects and interior designers helping them bring their design aspirations to life and helping them make the impossible possible.

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