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Established in 2014

Balustrade Interglaze Glass Solutions Ltd

Interglaze Glass Solutions are the premier Glazers North East

Nothing makes a statement like glass. It’s the juxtaposition with a contrasting framework, walls, floors and ceilings. The intelligent introduction of glazed facades, walls and balustrades allows interior designers to play with light and space. We work with architects and interior designers helping them bring their design aspirations to life and helping them make the impossible possible.

The past decade has seen Interglaze grow from a small family business to one of the leading providers of architectural glazing in the UK. Extensive expertise, business savvy and tight knit managerial team have spearheaded the company’s growth and resulted in an impressive project portfolio for prestigious clients such as HM Prison Service, the Metro Centre and a residential property being filmed for Channel 4’s Grand Designs

We look forward to hearing from you and your project.

Deborah Wilkinson

Managing Director


To help architects control light
through structure, transparency
and opacity.


To be the experts in our field and the leading bespoke glazing design and installation company in the UK


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